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We sew colorful, all-over printed sportswear. Tested, breathable fabrics, strong threads, and experienced tailors. Durable, saturated prints made of original paints and EPSON printing machines. No compromise and reasonable price at the same time.

Nogaboly is a team of 12, but meet our customer care crew: Ann, Tom and Michael. Fell free to contact us via email, messenger or by the phone:

phone: +48 534 0 11 111
e-mail: contact@nogaboly.com

Szybciej Dalej Palej Palej sp.j
ul. Sienkiewicza 13
41-800 Zabrze
vat nr PL648-270-63-09 

Nogaboly has its premises in Zabrze, Sienkiewicza 13, Poland. We produce sportswear like T-shirts, sweatshirts and a dozen or so other pieces of clothing from soup to nuts. We dress sports teams and events. We deal with orders starting from a design process, through preparing a visualization, up to sewing and supplying the clothes. We deal with single up to large orders.


We love dressing sports teams. We are not talking only about the numerous ones and those with a large advertising budget. We work with small, local teams and nationwide organizations.


We have already worked on the biggest running events in Poland. We dress huge events with several thousands of runners taking part, working willingly on smaller events at the same time.