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All of our running T-shirts are our own production.

We have been sewing them for many years in Upper Silesia, Poland, with the highest quality sports fabrics from our national producers. Our T-shirts have been tested by hundreds of runners during small, local events as well as massive marathons and ultramarathons.

Breathable fabrics

Forget about the cheap plastic

We use breathable polyester fabric made out of modified yarn which breaths more and was designed specifically for the production of activewear. How does it work? Thanks to the fabric’s special structure, perspiration is wicked away from the skin to the places from which it evaporates faster. So instead of sweat drops gathering in a particular place (armpit or chest), it distributes moisture into a bigger surface from which it can evaporate and dry faster, leaving your skin with a pleasant feeling of coolness. The parameters of the fabric are not destroyed by UV waves and eliminate the unpleasant smell characteristic for cheaper polyesters. Unfortunately, even such advanced fabrics need washing — magic and antiperspirant don't work here. You can wash it in 40º using all available sportswear washing products.

Sublimation print 

Our full-print T-shirt is printed using the Epson machines with original printer ink. No halfway products. The print is safe for you and your health (which unfortunately can be different in the case of other producers… really). The whole T-shirt breaths since the print is neutral for the fabric parameters, its airflow and elasticity. You simply don't feel it. It is not a paint, foil...